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Welcome to Family Cruise Advisor, developed and maintained for people who love to cruise with their families. Our goal is to help you make informed family cruise vacation decisions by providing you with content that is personal, passionate, informed and inspired. Thanks for dropping by.

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Best Cruise Ships For Families

Children's programs on ships used to be just a place for parents to park their kids while mom and dad went off to do some important adult relaxing. Today, the best family ships devote a huge amount of resources, acreage, and innovation to making sure kids are having as good a time as their parents [...]

Planning Your Family Cruise: A Dad’s Tale

My daughter was only six weeks old when she traveled with mom and dad on our first family vacation -- to Walt Disney World in Orlando. Only a few months later, at the tender age of five months, she crossed the Atlantic with dad (a travel writer) and mom to cruise to the Canary Islands [...]

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