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Best Cruise Ships For Families

Children's programs on ships used to be just a place for parents to park their kids while mom and dad went off to do some important adult relaxing. Today, the best family ships devote a huge amount of resources, acreage, and innovation to making sure kids are having as good a time as their parents [...]

Disney Dream Is Christened in Port Canaveral

  What a show!   A helicopter delivered a 16-foot oversized bottle of dreams to the bow to commemorate the christening of Disney Cruise Line's newest ship in the fleet, Disney Dream. Under sunny skies and with more than 3,000 people in attendance at the Port Canaveral home to Disney Cruise Line‘s cruise empire, [...]

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Family Cruises: Not Just for Kids

When people think of "Family Cruises," the word "kids" tends to come to mind. And frankly, that scares a lot of people.  But Family Cruising is no longer the exclusive domain of parents and their children. Instead, it can refer to multiple generations of one family - or several families - cruising together [...]