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A Cruise To Remember: Top Ten Family Cruises

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

During my two decades of cruising, I’ve learned that family vacations can take one of two tacks: Either they are full-on disasters or they go down as one of the “best vacations ever.” Over the years, I’ve experienced both.

On the full-on disaster side, my wife and I had been a little too ambitious, hauling our daughter, not yet six months old, to Walt Disney World and, only a few months later, across six time zones to England. What were we thinking?

Compare that to the “best vacation ever,” of which there were many, both here at home and abroad. Quite simply, my kids (and yes, your kids too) love to cruise. And why not? After all, where families are concerned, a cruise ship is little more than a floating, self-contained family resort, with all the features and activities that adults and kids could ever wish for.

This site is designed to help you make the best choices for your family cruise vacations. I took the liberty to provide my top ten personal favorites starting with the cruise line that I felt offered the best overall family cruise vacation.

You should know, however, that I had a tough time ranking the cruise lines, I applied no formal methodology. Rather, I relied on my personal experience, input from others, advice from travel agents, and of course, the final word from the experts: kids, and especially my two children.

The rankings, in fact, are not that important. My kids, for example, had a tough time choosing between the many cruises they’ve been on. You won’t go wrong choosing any of these cruises. They are the top ten of several hundreds ships and possible cruises.

Please participate and share your own experiences. In doing so, you help other families like mine and like yours choose their perfect family cruise.

Bon Voyage!

Ralph Grizzle
Editor, The Avid Cruiser & Family Cruise Advisor

Top Ten Family Cruises

  1. Best Overall Family Cruise ExperienceDisney Cruise Line
  2. Best Non-Disney Family CruiseCarnival Cruise Lines
  3. Best Cruise For Adventure SeekersRoyal Caribbean – Freedom-Class Ships
  4. Best All-Over Home-Away-From HomePrincess Cruises
  5. Best Low-Key Family CruiseHolland America Line
  6. Best Upscale Family CruiseCelebrity Cruises
  7. Best Family-Style Luxury Cruise ExperienceNorwegian Epic – Suites And Villas
  8. Best Niche Cruise Experience: River Cruising AMAWATERWAYS
  9. Best Adventure Cruise With A PurposeLindblad Expeditions
  10. Best Multiple Generations Luxury CruiseCrystal Cruises

2010 Winners:

Family Cruising: America’s Paradise

Sunday, September 7th, 2008


Awesome Overview
NCL America’s Pride of America offers a tasty sampler platter of a Hawaiian vacation, sailing direct from one island to the next. Pride of America’s itinerary eliminate the long days at sea required of non-U.S.-flagged cruise ships.

This makes the Pride of America vacation a fun and convenient exploration of the Hawaiian islands, eliminating the hassle and stress of packing and making connections for the next leg. The ship spends nearly four full days at port on a seven-day itinerary, giving families plenty of time to get off the ship and find something fun to do on the islands. (more…)

Family Cruising: Costa’s Caribbean

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Awesome Overview
If you want to expose your kids to some international excitement without making them feel like strangers in a strange land, take a look at the Caribbean sailings by Costa Cruises.

Mixing Italian cuisine and style with some elements of Carnival, its sister company, Costa provides a cruise experience that’s distinctly more European to both children and adults without seeming to be a foreign experience.

The European staff celebrates the “Cruising Italian Style” motif with a smiling enthusiasm that is infectious, and unlike most major cruise lines working the Caribbean, Costa provides an international experience that requires a bit more friendly flexibility for American kids. On Caribbean cruises, the passengers will be about 75% American and 25% European. It all makes for a more international experience that all members of the family enjoy.