Planning Your Family Cruise

Planning Your Family Cruise

My kids on Disney Wonder, with a Carnival Cruise Lines vessel in the background.

We think cruising is the best vacation choice for families. Modern cruise ships offer wonderful accommodations, multiple dining options, and award-winning children’s programs. The key to planning a successful vacation is matching the right product to the needs of your family.

This site is designed to help you make informed decisions about your family cruise vacations. If you’d like to get right down to our top ten recommendations for family cruises, then click the tab above that reads “Our Top Ten,” or heck, we’ll make it easy for you, just click our story Top Ten Family Cruises.

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Kids Programs

We know that if you are traveling with an infant, any vacation is a challenge. However, there are cruise lines that offer babysitting so don’t despair. Mom and dad can still have a little break and patiently wait for the time when junior turns three and a whole new world opens up. As your children grow older, your kids will play to their hearts’ content while you relax, and get what you came for: a vacation.

Cruise Lines

Selecting the right cruise line and ship is a crucial variable in the planning puzzle. Not all lines cater to families and not all ships within a line are identical.


Onboard Experience

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