Adults-Only Escapes On Family Friendly Cruise Ships

Adults-Only Escapes On Family Friendly Cruise Ships

While a cruise is a vacation that provides a lifetime of happy memories for the entire family, it’s not all fun and games for Mom and Dad, who, no matter how much they may be enjoying themselves, can never entirely escape their parental responsibility for the group’s overall happiness, good manners and, of course, safety.

But Mom and Dad need to escape the herd occasionally, and more than any type of family vacation, a cruise provides the opportunities to do so, even if it’s just a few sunny moments by the pool.

With the comprehensive children’s programs that the major cruise lines offer, it’s always reassuring to know that the kids are actively engaged and supervised by trained counselors, which allows parents to escape with a clear conscience.

And if two parents have successfully found a few minutes for their own amusement, they probably want to avoid other people’s kids, too. Recognizing this, the cruise lines, even the ones that specialize in families with kids, set aside public areas for adults only.

While the Disney Cruise Line brand may be the one most closely associated with children, the cruise line also features several spaces on each of its two ships where adults can have it all to themselves, including a “no-kids” pool, The Cove, which is a coffee shop and Internet café, and, for evening entertainment, a bistro. And at the Castaway Cay private island, Serenity Bay is an adults-only beach.

For a quiet dinner out where the cuisine does not include French fries or macaroni and cheese, several cruise lines have intimate restaurants for adults only. On the Disney ships, it’s the intimate Palo restaurant, but the Carnival ships have exquisite supper clubs, some outdoors on the top deck. And Holland America Line’s Pinnacle Grill is always an elegant delight. Helping parents enjoy formal evenings, the Celebrity Youth Program hosts a, “Parent’s Night Out” in which children participate in a Pizza Party, evening activities, and complimentary Slumber Party, while their parents enjoy a romantic evening of fine dining and world class entertainment.

For daylight activities, Carnival is staking out adults-only Serenity zones on its eight Fantasy-class ships. Located in a secluded aft section of the ships with spectacular ocean vistas, the Serenity zone is equipped with whirlpools and overstuffed chaise loungers, for sunbathing, casual meals and perhaps a frozen cocktail. Of course, many parents want to make the most of their free time, squeezing in a good workout or a spa treatment. While kids are not explicitly prohibited from most shipboard fitness centers, they usually do have to meet minimum age requirements to use the machines, and tomfoolery is certainly discouraged by the staff. The spa treatments, of course, are conducted in private rooms.

Many ships offer in-room babysitting if Mom and Dad haven’t exhausted themselves chasing children all day, and the public rooms of a cruise ship feature wonderful entertainment best appreciated by adults. On Royal Caribbean, for instance, many ships offer another chance to sweat at Boleros, a Latin-themed nightclub where the dance floor is all yours if you can keep pace with the live salsa bands.

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