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Family Cruise Advisor is a new web site, compiled, edited, bathed and clothed by Ralph Grizzle and Heidi Sarna. Our goal is to inform and inspire family cruisers from all walks of life.

To operate, expand and reach new potential cruisers, Family Cruiser Advisor relies on sponsorship from its river cruise partners (similar to the NPR/PBS business model).

There are three levels of sponsorship.

  1. Like Us! – Your cruise line will have a strong editorial presence on Family Cruiser Advisor. We will list information about your cruise line, its family-friendly programs, add ship profiles with photos and direct links to your web site. We welcome your input on ways to present your cruise line. Sponsorship level: US$250 per month, plus a one-time $100 fee for each ship profile page.
  2. Love Us! – Benefits of the above program PLUS we’ll add a rotating banner ad on Family Cruiser Advisor. $500 per month, plus a one-time $50 fee for each ship profile page.
  3. Best Friends Forever! – Benefits of both programs above PLUS we’ll report frequent news from your company and give you rotating banner ads in the Avid Cruiser e-mail newsletter and on Avid Cruiser (click for Avid Cruiser metrics and reach). $1,000 per month, no charge for ship profile pages.

Minimum one-year commitment. No pre-nuptials required.

Site Metrics

Family Cruise Advisor doesn’t have a huge reach but it has a quality reach, and with the energy we’ll put forth as advocates for family cruising, you can’t count on it growing.

  • Total Visitors Monthly: 4,236
  • Absolute Unique Visitors Monthly: 2,742
  • Average Page Views: 2.58
  • Average Time On Site: 2:43

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Content from Family Cruise Advisor is syndicated, primarily through Signature Travel Network, comprised of 190 member agencies with 330 retail locations throughout the United States. For other syndication channels, see Avid Cruiser metrics and reach.

Feel Good About Your Sponsorship

We are looking to become the family cruiser advocate and a trusted voice in what we believe is the most interesting segment of the entire travel industry. We believe that family cruises are a great way to explore destinations and a source of personal enrichment.

Your sponsorship does much more than fund a web site. It funds a voice aimed at showing more people the joys of family cruising.

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